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Vélos électriques devant la Cabane des 1000 Pailles

Vélos électriques devant la Cabane des 1000 Pailles

09 Mar 24

Vacances bas carbone en Ardèche

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir vous proposer quelque chose qui nous tenait à cœur, c'est de venir passer des vacances chez nous sans voiture.

Rien de tel pour réduire au maximum l'impact carbone de vos vacances!

Avec notre partenaire Face Sud, nous vous proposons de venir chez nous avec les transports en commun jusqu'à Vallon Pont d'Arc et ensuite chevaucher les vélos électrique qui vous seront livrés directement à la Gare routière pour venir nous rejoindre.

La majorité des sites sont accessibles facilement en vélo en  moins d'une heure!

Cette solution de vacance écologique vous intéresse? Prenez contact avec nous!



23 Jan 23

1000 STRAWS Certified Green Key!

So proud to be the 2023 Winner of the Green Key Label!

"The Jury congratulates you for the work accomplished.../... Your actions could become examples for the establishments of the Clef Verte network."

La Clef Verte is the first international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants in France.

We have been qualified as an Ecogîte (which is a brand of Gîtes de France) since 2018, which has great access to the environmental quality of the building.
But we wanted to go even further and the internationally recognized #clefverte (or #greenkey ) Label is a consecration for us.

There are 110 points scored in 8 themes ranging from energy management, water management, waste management, responsible purchasing,...

21 Aug 22

Our accommodation, starting points for hikes

We are located near the National Reserve of the Gorges de l'Ardèche. It is possible to access it on foot directly from our home by means of an approach walk of about 3 kilometers.
A rapid descent then of about twenty minutes will take you directly to the "Rapid of the black tooth", a bend in the river dreaded by canonists.
From this point, you can descend, via the PR marked yellow and red for a few kilometres, the magnificent canyon carved by the Ardèche over the millennia.
Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the wild nature and perhaps you will come across a Bonelli's eagle in flight? Open your eyes!
A tightly laced path will then take you back up to the plateau. A last point of view on the gorges and all that remains is to make the way back to the 1000 Pailles.
This is one of the paths that you will be able to hike directly from us.
And then, we also keep some small "secret" paths that we will reveal to you on your arrival!

#randonées #gorgesdelardeche
La terrasse de l'Ecogîte à l'ombre des chênes

La terrasse de l'Ecogîte à l'ombre des chênes

18 Jun 22

The comfort of an ecological house in hot weather

The high temperatures of the last few days have made us appreciate the comfort provided by the insulation, straw and other natural materials in our Ecogîte.
Our guests are surprised by the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the house.
The forest, omnipresent on our site, also brings a noticeable freshness to the exterior.
#chaleur, #canicule, #isolation #paille


01 Mar 22

What solutions for sustainable tourism?

The ALEC07 '(The Local Energy and Climate Agency contacted us to organize a visit to our eco-location .
It will take place on March 23, 2022 and will present to tourism professionals the solutions that we have implemented since the genesis of our project.